Secrets how to choosing food to suit your age.

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People’s nutritional needs change as they age. Choosing to eat food according to age may help people of each age get the necessary nutrients in the amount that the body needs. In general, eating a variety of foods. Avoid foods that may increase health risks. along with regular exercise adequate rest Taking good care of your mental health It will help make our bodies strong. No matter how old you are

One of the secrets to always being healthy is choosing the right foods. In addition to eating all food groups and drinking enough clean water. UFABET recommend choosing food that is appropriate for your age is important. Because people of different ages Need nutrients for different uses.

Childhood: is between the ages of 1-12 years, the body is creating cells, tissues, bones, teeth, and other organs. for growth An appropriate diet should focus on energy and protein. Because if it’s lacking, it will affect brain development. Affects intelligence and learning The body and skeleton are not fully developed. This makes them small, stunted, weak and often sick. In addition, which should not be lacking at all are various vitamins and minerals. that will help improve every aspect of development Children should therefore eat all food groups fully. But you should be encouraged to eat foods such as whole grains (Whole grain), which are digested slowly. Makes you have continuous energy for various activities. Starchy or sugary foods should not be consumed excessively. Because it may cause obesity since childhood.

Teenager: Between the ages of 13-20 years is the period when puberty begins. Therefore, there are many changes in the physical, mental, and emotional aspects. Food appropriate for this age should focus on foods that provide energy, minerals, and protein in order to be in line with being an age that likes to do various activities, including studying, socializing, and sports. Foods that contain calcium. high Milk is also necessary for teenagers. Helps strengthen bones and teeth to grow fully. In addition, female teenagers who begin menstruating also need more iron than green leafy vegetable food

Working age: Between the ages of 20-59 years is the age when bone and muscle strength begin to deteriorate. People of this age should be alert and find ways to slow down the deterioration of the body. Especially people aged 30 years and over should change their behavior, lifestyle, including exercise. Proper rest and meticulous in consuming food Because this age needs energy to work fully. They also need important nutrients to maintain and repair worn-out parts of the body.

Menopause: Age 45-60 years is the age when sex hormones begin to work less. Causes changes in the body and emotions. Including various diseases It’s easy to get in trouble. To prevent and slow down the deterioration of the body. Menopausal people should reduce foods such as saturated fat and cholesterol, which are the causes of cardiovascular and heart disease. Supplement calcium for the body with fresh, low-fat, low-fat milk or small fish. To reduce osteoporosis Including choosing to eat fruits that contain vitamin C Foods that contain vitamin B1, which is found mostly in cereals, brown rice, coarse rice, beans, sesame, and corn, will help the brain function better. And choose to eat foods such as soybeans and soybeans, which will help reduce mood swings caused by changes in sex hormones.

Elderly age 60 years and over: The body begins to deteriorate, various organs begin to deteriorate. The number of cells decreases. In particular, cells in the brain, kidneys, muscles, lungs, heart, cartilage, and thyroid gland function less. As a result, the energy metabolism in the body decreases. This age therefore requires less energy. And you should choose to eat food appropriately, including eating breakfast that provides the right amount of energy and protein, such as fish, tofu, mushrooms. You should also have vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals. For dinner, you shouldn’t eat a lot.

Before going to bed, drink a cup of warm drink. To help you sleep soundly Eat meals at regular times. You should not skip any meals, especially when you are sick. Because it will make the recovery slower. You should eat a variety of foods. and choose to eat food with natural flavors It should not be spicy or have too many condiments. Start eating well and living well by choosing food that is appropriate for your age. It will make your body strong, refreshed, your mind clear, and you will have a long life.