Danger warning: not cleaning air conditioner for a long time

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Danger warning: not cleaning air conditioner for a long time, fearing the risk of “pneumonia”

Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health Reveals that the air conditioner has humidity. Both the air conditioner. And the air conditioner pipes that cause growth of germs It is recommended that the air conditioner should clean regularly. Because if the infection accumulates for a long time, there may risk of pneumonia. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com

Dr. Wachira Pengchan, Director-General of the Department of Health, Revealed that during the summer Many people have to turn on the air conditioner. To cool down during the day and at night, such as at work, at home, in hotels, in department stores, etc. Which may pose a danger. Because there is moisture in the air conditioner and the air conditioner pipes that cause the growth of germs. Whether it’s bacteria virus or fungus Especially the Legionella pneumophila bacteria. If you breathe in water droplets contaminated with this virus, it can affect your health. There are 2 types of symptoms: severe pneumonia, high fever, coughing, and chills, call Legionnaires’ disease. And the type that resembles influenza is called Pontiac fever or Pontiac fever.

Dr. Wachira went on to say that integrated air conditioners. The waste water from the cooling tower should kept dry when not in use. Clean and scrub away dirt and grime. Add the appropriate amount of disinfectant to kill the fungus. And clean the cooling tower at least 1-2 times per month. Do not let moss cling to it. Destroy germs by adding chlorine to a concentration of 10 ppm (10 parts per million) into the pipe that goes to the cooling tower to cover the entire system for not less than 3-6 hours. After that, maintain the chlorine level to a concentration not less than 0.2 ppm ( 0.2 parts per million)

The air conditioner in the room must clean. 

A tray to collect water that drips from the cooling coil pipes every 1-2 weeks, so that there are no algae on it, or add a disinfectant. That is not harmful to human health in accordance with the standards announced by the Department of Health regarding procedures for controlling legionella in dormitories. The dustiness of buildings in Thailand And for air conditioners use in homes. When turning on the air conditioner, you should notice whether the air coming out of the air conditioner has a foul or musty odor or not. If there is a smell, initially you should wash and clean the air filter in the air conditioner with soapy water or a disinfectant. disease. If you wash and clean the smell will not go away. You should call a technician to clean the system completely.

However, cleaning the air conditioner should be done regularly. By looking at appropriateness from the environment and use. If it’s an air filter, you should wash it with soapy water or a disinfectant, then use water to spray it hard on the back, on the side that isn’t dusty, to let dust and dirt come off at least once a month. And you should clean the air conditioner completely at least. Once a year as well. But if used on a daily basis Should be clean approximately 6 months at a time Because in addition to helping reduce germs that may accumulate in the air conditioner It also helps save electricity.