Feeling sleepy all day long? How to fix it correctly? 

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Taking a nap when feeling sleepy can help reduce sleepiness. But it is only a solution to the end of the cause because in the end the drowsiness will come back again health. Therefore, it is best to fix the root cause. The methods for eliminating drowsiness during the day can be done as follows.

Change your own behavior

Changing your own lifestyle habits will help reduce the problem of sleepiness during the day. It will make you sleep better. Wake up and feel refreshed. Changing behavior can be started easily by yourself, for example:ทางเข้า ufabet

Respect your body’s clock more. 

We all have a body clock . This body clock controls our sleep and wakefulness. It is also related to overall health. If we resist and do not rest according to the time of this health clock. It will cause fatigue. But fatigue can be reduced by resting when tired. Avoid sleeping when you don’t feeling sleepy or tired. If you want to nap, you shouldn’t nap in the late afternoon.  

You should also wake up and go to bed on time. Wake up early to go out and enjoy the sunshine. It will help your body’s clock work more efficiently.

Change the bedroom environment

Inadequate sleep can be caused by a poor sleep environment. A good bedroom environment is like this. There is a mattress for sleeping comfortably. Have the right temperature The atmosphere in the room must be completely dark and quiet. Also, the bedroom should not be used for anything other than sleeping.