The “Cervical Cancer” Vaccine and the Reasons Why “Men”

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The “Cervical Cancer” Vaccine and the Reasons Why “Men” Should Get the Vaccine.

Did you know that Men can also get vaccinated to prevent cervical cancer. And there are many reasons to inject. Because of the cervical cancer virus in women It can found in men as well. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Cervical cancer Dangers in women are also found in men.

Cervical cancer It is common for cancers of female reproductive organs. And it is cancer that doctors have studied about the causes of cancer in this organ. It has been found that approximately 10 Thai women per day die from cervical cancer on average. A virus called HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is the cause of cervical cancer. By being infected with a high-risk strain of HPV virus. from contact with secretions or having sex with many partners and may also be infected with other sexually transmitted diseases

However, Dr. Samantha Limmahakun, a doctor in the field of internal medicine Subspecialty of Infectious Disease Internal Medicine Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital stated that in 2017, there was a report from the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center revealing the number of MSM. infected with the HIV virus or the virus that causes AIDS The cervical cancer virus (HPV) was detected in 85% of cases. HPV in males can cause oral and throat cancer, penile cancer, and anal cancer. The strain found is the same strain that causes cervical cancer in women.

How do men get infected with HPV?

Dr. Samont stated that the HPV virus is often found through sexual intercourse (oral, vaginal, anal) as well as direct contact with the infection. 

Why should men get vaccinated against cervical cancer?

There are currently more than 150 strains of HPV, with strains 6 and 11 causing genital warts. As for strains 16 and 18, they cause cancer. The initial origins of gender that spread the virus Therefore it can be found in both females and males. Therefore, campaigning for only women to be the ones running to find a vaccine may seem unfair. 

Males at risk, such as having homosexual behavior or like anal sex Therefore, it is important to check for HPV in the body in order to quickly find treatment before it becomes a serious disease. or get vaccinated to prevent HPV infection in the future

Early symptoms of cervical cancer in women 

Asst. Prof. Dr. Duangmanee Thanapraphat, gynecologic cancer surgeon Bangkok Cancer Hospital Wattanosoth gives details that The main problem for people infected with HPV is that they do not have symptoms. Therefore, they will not be aware and can spread the virus to other people and the symptoms of cervical cancer. pre-cancer stage or the beginning stages of this disease There will be no abnormal symptoms. However, the exception is if the stage of the cancer is sufficiently advanced. There may be abnormal menstrual symptoms. Abnormal vaginal bleeding. Abnormal, foul-smelling leucorrhea. If spread to other organs There may be stomach pain. You can urinate or have blood in your stool. As already mentioned, the pre-cancer stage Or cancer that has just started may not have symptoms and treatment can be done. There is a chance that it will be completely cured.   

How to detect cervical cancer in women

The way to know is Receiving an internal examination to take cells from the cervix for a test called Check for a Pap smear (Pap Smear) and if checked together with finding the HPV virus (HPV DNA Test), it will give more clarity. If the results are abnormal, the cervix must be examined with a magnifying glass (Colposcopic examination) to find abnormal areas. And a biopsy will be taken for pathological examination to diagnose the abnormality. Plan an examination to tell the stage of the disease and plan the correct treatment. 

Cervical cancer treatment

For treatment in the initial stages, it may be treated with surgery, such as cutting the cervix into a cone (Therapeutic conization), cutting the uterus at the same time. With removal of lymph nodes (Radical hysterectomy with pelvic lymphadenectomy), some patients require continuous treatment. with radiotherapy Irradiation with a radiation machine (Teletherapy) and brachytherapy (Brachy-therapy). Some people consider treatment together with chemotherapy (Concurrent Chemo-Radiation treatment). Chemotherapy alone is used in cases where the cancer has spread far enough. which cannot be given radiotherapy or surgery