Araujo prepares to celebrate the league championship with family.

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Barcelona defender Ronald Araujo reveals. He is happy to win the league which he plans to celebrate with his family.

Azulgrana beat Espanyol 4-2 in La Liga on Sunday night. Handing Barca the league title with four games remaining. Which is consider the club’s 27th championship.

“For this generation of players It is important to win many titles. Now it’s about celebrating and continuing the work and learning from it.” the Uruguayan defender said after the last game.

“I know how important this game is. And that’s why I dyed my hair as Azul Grána. Which I came out to look cute like this UFABET

“We didn’t see Xavi being told to go into the dressing room and when we see people attacking on the pitch. We immediately rush into the dressing room. That shouldn’t happen. 

“If I’m not mistake We had an all-inclusive squad in the Super Copa final. That’s no excuse and we tried to do it right. We want to be the top team in Europe. we are happy Now it’s celebrating I don’t know what other people will do. But I want to celebrate with my family.” Araujo said

With freshness, it is said that Ronald Araujo was an active and hardworking child. In his spare time. He will study, acquire new knowledge and apply it. Whether it’s a 4-3-3 or 3-5-2 system. He can take responsibility for his duties well. In addition to the center back position. Kae can also move to stand as a right-back player.