Pedri was confident of winning the championship from the lead.

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Barcelona midfielder Pedri Gonzalez said he was confident of winning the league since the team went 1-0 up early in the game.

Azulgrana beat Espanyol 4-2 in La Liga on Sunday night, handing Barca the league title with four games remaining. Which is considered the club’s 27th championship.

“I want to win big titles. I’m happy with my family. Happy that they support me.” the Spaniard told Movistar. 

“Every football fan wants to win the league here respect the competitors. When we scored the first goal. I’m starting to realize that we’re definitely not going to miss it. Playing with four in midfield allowed me to play higher. More chances to score goals and assists

“We have created a great game and that’s the important part. In addition to the title fight. We have a lot of quality. Hope we can play together for many more years UFABET

“For Busquets, even if he wants to extend the contract for another year. But now we will try to find his replacement. But it is impossible to find a replacement for Busquets.

“Xavi gave us a lot of advice when playing in midfield. He helps us look around before getting the ball turning. And that helps us see the other players around us” Pedri